Custom Theater

Meeting Your Needs by Exceeding the Standards

Versa-Tel can help you Start a film in one room and finish watching it in another. Distribute music to any or all rooms, access images from your video surveillance system from any monitor, turn off the phone ringer, close the blinds, dim the lights, and start a movie.

Equipment can be housed in custom-made furniture. The TV, or projector and screen, can be hidden out of sight and revealed at the push of a button. Installations can include outdoor speakers that look like rocks, or underwater speakers for an in-ground pool. System controls can range from simple wall mounted keypads to portable color touch screen displays. In residential applications, each member of the household can select their own music, or if you’re entertaining guests, multiple rooms can be linked to the same source.


All equipment is covered by manufacturer warranties and in house technical assistance. Contact a Versa-Tel Communications & Security representative for a consultation.